I believe everything needs a home. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of stuff, as long as its in its rightful place where you can easily find it.

I can help you with de-cluttering and organising your:
Storage unit

We’ve all been there…you’ve got wardrobes crammed full of clothes but can never find something to wear! I can help you sort out your wardrobes and organise it so that you can finally see what you have.

I have 2 young daughters and know how quickly the mountain of toys can  accumulate. We can go through the toys and find homes for toys your children no longer play with.  I can then help organise what you’re left with so that your children know exactly what they have and where to put it once they have finished playing with it.

I can help you sort through your paperwork so that its all organised and easy to find without you having to rummage through piles of paper and unopened letters.  I can put a system in place so that its easy for you to maintain and keep on top of it all.

Digital files
How many of you end up saving all your files to your desktop or have dozens of folders full of downloaded photos from your phones? I can help you organise your files so you can easily find what your looking for.

Do you have boxes of old vinyls or CD’s or comic books, coins, stamps, teacups, photos? All of which you’ve said “l’lI get round to sorting them when I can find some time”. I can help you sort through it and together we can decide whether you want to keep it, sell it, or even display or just organise it better; so that you can actually enjoy your collections.

Sometimes it takes an event or change in circumstances to trigger and give us the impetus to make a change to our surroundings, I can help you work through these situations.
Home move
New baby
Time off between jobs

I always believe that it has to be a partnership. I am here to assist and help you by offering my advice and strategies.  Only you are able to make the decision as to what you need/want to keep and what you don’t need in your home or life anymore, I am there as that extra pair of hands and motivation that you need to get you started and to keep going.

Initial Consultation
Firstly we will have an initial consultation where we can discuss what your goals are.  What do you need me to do?  We’ll discuss your requirements. I’ll need to see the area/s that need to be tackled and during this consultation, I will be able to explain in detail how we can go about de-cluttering and re-organising your belongings.

I will also have a better idea of how long I think the task/project will take, although, its very difficult to say until we get stuck in, hence why my fees are by the hour.  I can also cap the hours that we spend based on budget. We can either do this at your home or if its more convenient we can use Skype.

The De-cluttering
After we have agreed on a plan of action and time frame, I will come to you and work with you to sort through your belongings and help you select what you want to keep and what you can donate, sell, recycle or dispose of.

I will then offer you solutions on how best you can organise and store what you have decided to keep. We will try and use what you already have as well as source solutions if required.

Once we have de-cluttered and re-organised your stuff, I will offer you tips and advice on how best you can maintain the system we have come up with.

Just get in touch and we can have a chat about what you’d like to achieve.